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How To Customize The Segment Code LCD Screen?

How To Customize The Segment Code LCD Screen?

Feb 22, 2023

We mentioned earlier that the segment code LCD screen has the advantages of fast response, low power consumption, and low cost. It is precisely because of these advantages that many customers will choose segment code LCD screens, segment code LCD screens need to be customized by mold opening, so what problems need to be determined before mold opening, the following is introduced by the LCD screen manufacturer

Parameters that need to be confirmed for custom segment LCD:

1. Size: The size of the window is the most important

2. Backlight source: do you need backlight and backlight mode (if it is used at night, it is recommended to install backlight; refer to bottom backlight or side backlight)

3. Driven producer: do it yourself or supplier

4. Working voltage

5. Provide display renderings, drawings or required colors (generally there are white characters on a blue background, yellow, green and low black characters, and white characters on a black background, etc.)

6. Connection method: metal pipe connection or conductive glue connection

7. Display mode: choose full or semi-transparent

8. Viewing angle: What kind of viewing angle material glass should be used (TN-LCD, STN LCD, VA-LCD and FSTN-LCD, etc.)

The above are some basic parameters to be provided before customizing the segment code LCD.

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