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What is the difference between LED and OLED(part two)?

What is the difference between LED and OLED(part two)?

Jun 27, 2022

At present, the mainstream display technology in the market is TFT LCD display technology. As a new generation of display technology, I2C OLED display needs to be further improved in terms of process yield, large size, high PPI, service life, and production cost. It has significant advantages in terms of field, wide viewing angle, bendable, thinner and lighter, and transparent. Today, OLED screens have become very popular in small-screen smartphones and are spreading to large-screen fields.

The difference between OLED and LED:

1. Resolution: how many pixels in one Inch, LCD screen module leads.

2. Aperture ratio: It is the light-emitting area divided by the entire screen area. Before segment LCD display, it was leading, but now it is basically OLED.

3. Contrast ratio: the ratio of pure black to pure white, OLED can reach 10000, dot matrix LCD display is 2000, OLED has an absolute advantage in contrast.

4. Color gamut breadth: OLED has beautiful colors and wide color gamut. NTSC can reach up to 100%, while LED screen can reach NTSC 72%. From the perspective of color, OLED screen is more eye-catching.

5. Screen thickness: Due to the simpler structure of the 0.96 OLED screen, it has a thinner and better curvature. Therefore, compared to LED screens, OLED screens can be made thinner.

6. Service life: OLED screens are prone to screen burn-in after being used for a long time, while LED screens do not have screen burn-in, and LEDs have more advantages in service life.

7. Energy saving and power saving: In terms of power saving, OLED emphasizes self-luminescence so it saves electricity, especially if it does not emit light under the screen, it will definitely save electricity. However, the luminous efficiency of OLED is too low, especially under blue light, it consumes more power. Compared with seven segment LED display, it is not the main process to save power. This is not good for the time being, but the OLED screen has the potential to save more power.

8. Price cost: At present, LED screens are definitely cheaper. If only some flagship phones use OLED screens, you will know that its price is definitely more expensive than LED. In addition, if you have changed the screen of the mobile phone, you may also notice that the screen replacement of the OLED screen mobile phone is much more expensive than that of the LED screen mobile phone.

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