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Smart TFT-touch screen driver part one

Smart TFT-touch screen driver part one

Mar 29, 2024

Medical beauty equipment has higher requirements for high-precision screen images; industrial applications and extreme environments do not have high requirements for touch screen stability. With the fierce market competition, civilian-level screens have been upgraded from traditional display technologies such as TN to TFT LCD application (liquid crystal display) technology.

There are many touchable places that require displays, such as electronic scales, vending machines, elevators, demonstrations, cashiers, etc.

Using capacitive touch screen and resistive touch screen, the human-machine touch experience and sensitivity are excellent, which can meet the user's daily touch experience.

Take the ubiquitous coffee machine as an example:

As a type of shopping mall, coffee machines can be found everywhere in home service equipment. With the popularity of smart applications, smart coffee machines have become the mainstream of the market. Coffee maker prices vary based on the features and shape of the device, with most consumer-grade touch monitors today using a 16:9 ratio.

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