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Smart TFT-touch screen driver part two

Smart TFT-touch screen driver part two

Mar 29, 2024

Smart coffee machine refers to the application of electronic technology in coffee machines. It is equipped with an intelligent control system and a touch-sensitive LCD screen to realize intelligent control of the entire coffee brewing process such as grinding, pressing, and boiling, brewing, cleaning residues, and supporting facilities. milk. Smart coffee machines brew coffee according to the most scientific data and procedures, and are equipped with a complete protection system. Only by using it in the correct way can users produce healthy and personalized coffee.


What functions can be achieved with the current development of smart coffee machines?

Design appropriate program settings using the touch screen UI:

For smart coffee machines, the program settings are generally the same, such as cup control, temperature control, pre-grinding function, coffee bean dosage adjustment, preset function, etc.


Digital smart touch:

Smart coffee machines are controlled by digital intelligence. The coffee machine LCD screen can display the working status at any time. The digital display will show what the coffee machine is preparing to do or what it is doing.3.21

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