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Product analysis of cob display and its advantages

Product analysis of cob display and its advantages

Aug 08, 2022

The cob display is a high-end display product at this stage, because of its ultra-fine pitch and super protective ability, it can be described as an all-round product in the led display. Below is a simple analysis:

1. Ultra-fine pitch: The cob packaged led display was born because it is difficult to drill down to a smaller pitch when the small pitch of the SMD packaged led is below 1.0mm. Therefore, the feature of the cob display is the ultra-fine pitch. And from this, the more pixels displayed in the unit, the fuller and clearer the picture, and the better the display effect;

2. Packaging method: cob package can easily achieve 0.1mm ultra-fine pitch, while SMD package has physical limitations of its own process, and it is difficult to achieve dot pitch below 1.0mm;

3. Super protection ability: The cob package completely encloses the light-emitting device on the PCB board. Unlike SMD LED display, the device is not exposed. There is no lamp drop during transportation, installation and disassembly. It is not afraid of friction and loss. Human hands can directly touch it, and it is heavy. It is 5 times of the small pitch of custom LED display module;

In addition to the above, the heat dissipation capacity of the cob display also has advantages, and the surface light source emits light, which suppresses moiré and has a good light perception. In general, the cob display will be better than the small LED pitch, and the price of the cob display will be 10-20% higher than the small LED pitch in the same model. 

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