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Question to be taken into consideration before new mold opening?

Question to be taken into consideration before new mold opening?

Aug 12, 2022

With the rapid economic development, more and more LCD screens are used in electronic equipment, so do you know what problems LCD screens have to test before opening a mold? Today, LCD screen manufacturers will take you to find out

1. Display mode, the display mode of the LCD screen should be considered before opening the mold, because the LCD screen will not self-illuminate, it needs to install a backlight to see the content displayed on the LCD screen, so that there is a positive display mode , Negative display mode, semi-transparent mode and full-transparent mode. Choose the appropriate display mode according to your application. Each mode has its own advantages and characteristics.

2. The visual range, the visual range is the area where the content is displayed on the LCD screen. The larger the range, the larger the content displayed, the clearer you can see. The smaller the display area, the smaller the content, which is not special visually. Is clear, so you must find a professional LCD screen manufacturer, and communicate with the other party in advance before opening the mold.

3. Temperature range. The working temperature and storage temperature of the LCD screen are an important parameter of the LCD screen. Before opening the mold, you must make a choice according to the use environment and geographical characteristics of the final equipment. If the selected temperature is wrong, the temperature If it is too low, the response speed of the LCD screen will be slow, and if the temperature is too high, ghost images will appear. Therefore, these problems should be communicated with the custom LCD display manufacturer considered in advanced before the mold opening. 

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