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OLED and LCD are not replaced and replaced part two

OLED and LCD are not replaced and replaced part two

May 24, 2023


TFT is an extension of large-scale semiconductor integrated circuit technology. With the development of science and technology, the technological development potential of TFT is huge, and amorphous silicon TFT is only its starting point. It has become the biggest technical bottleneck restricting the sustainable development of liquid crystal displays. Instead, it is a wide-bandgap semi-oxide conductor. Its forbidden band width is about 3.7eV, which is completely transparent to visible light. Therefore, TFTs made of oxide semiconductors do not have the problem of aperture ratio, and the mobility of oxide TFTs It is much higher than that of amorphous silicon TFT, so the first step of using oxide TFT can fully meet the demand for high pixel density of 3D TV.

Compared with plasma and OLED, the power consumption of liquid crystal display is relatively low. However, the power consumption of LCD monitors still has huge room for reduction. At present, the utilization rate of light energy for liquid crystal displays is only less than 10%. Technically speaking, the use of oxide semiconductors, LED field sequential backlight technology, etc., is expected to increase the utilization rate of light energy for liquid crystal displays to more than 90%. The liquid crystal display will become a real energy-saving display product, and the power consumption of a 40-inch liquid crystal display may drop to about 10 watts in the future.

The cost of liquid crystal display is mainly composed of backlight, color film, liquid crystal, polarizer, drive circuit, glass substrate, other materials and manufacturing costs (including equipment, plant, power, labor), etc. The cost of six major components is as high as 80 %above. Through technological improvement, the color film and polarizer will be eliminated, and the drive circuit is expected to be directly integrated on the glass substrate. The application of electronic printing technology in the color film manufacturing process not only reduces costs, saves a lot of materials, but also enables liquid crystal displays. The manufacturing is more environmentally friendly. The current research on TFT electronic printing technology aims to eliminate the entire exposure process. After the success of the three major technological innovations of system integration, field sequence backlight and natural light valve, LCD will become the cheapest display. 

2. From the perspective of technological development trends: LCD and OLED display module will fade away

The most important driving force for the development of science and technology is material science. From the Stone Age to the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, to today's semiconductor silicon age, the progress of materials is decisive. We believe that the 21st century will end the myth of semiconductor silicon, and mankind will enter the era of inexhaustible materials.


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