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How to distinguish the front side /back side of segment LCD?

How to distinguish the front side /back side of segment LCD?

Aug 30, 2022

Segment LCD screens are divided according to display types, including TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, etc. Among them, the customization of display segment LCD screens is divided into fully transparent, semi-transparent, and reflective from the display mode, while reflective screens are not The backlight source is required to display by reflecting sunlight, natural light or light. The first two may be full-transparent or negative-display full-transparent or semi-transparent, and they must be used together with LED backlights. This is for the purpose of When the light is not very good, use the light source of the backlight itself to achieve the display effect. For customers who use segment code TN LCD screen products for the first time and do not have a good understanding of the backlight structure, there will be a problem of reverse backlight installation. The problem, let’s start to let everyone know. The structure of LED backlight is divided into light guide plate, reflective film, diffuser film, edging strip and lamp beads. The diffuser film diffuses the light. It can also be called a homogenizing film. On the front, it reflects The film is at the bottom, the two molds are not very different from the naked eye, but there is still a difference in comparison. The main reason is that the reflective film is whiter and the diffuser film on the front is yellower. If you have no experience, then what? Look at the pros and cons of it? It is relatively intuitive to look at the shading area where he puts the lamp beads. The shading area is also called the head mold. The black part of the head mold is the upward front part, and the head mold is longer than the liquid crystal. The black edge of the head mold is the edges of the segment LCD display are aligned.

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