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What does the price of LCD screen have to do with?

What does the price of LCD screen have to do with?

Aug 31, 2022

There are many types of LCD screen on the market, and the prices are uneven, ranging from high to low. So what are the impacts on the price of LCD screens?

1. Quality

The quality of LCD screen products is the key to market success. There are various LCDs on the market, and the same models will also be divided into different levels. The higher the level, the better the quality, and of course the higher the price. Expensive.

2. Function

The functional requirements of LCD screens depend on the working environment and working conditions. The more functions, the stronger the practicality and the wider the application range. For manufacturers, the more functions mean the investment in materials, labor, design, etc. The higher the cost, the higher the price after being put into the market.

3. Size

LCD screens have different sizes according to different products. The larger the size, the more raw materials to be used and the higher the price.

4. Applications

LCD screens are generally divided into industrial LCD screens, civilian LCD screens, commercial LCD screens and medical character LCD. Different types of LCD screens have different working conditions for LCD screens (for example: resolution, contrast, brightness, etc.). High-contrast and bright LCD screens are required for outdoor use, so high LCD screen prices are generally required also high.

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