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How To Carry Out LED Packaging?

How To Carry Out LED Packaging?

Aug 24, 2022

The first is the lead type package, the lead type custom LED display module package is still relatively common. Ordinary light-emitting diodes are basically packaged in pin type. The heat of the leaded LED package is dissipated from the negative lead frame to the PCB board, and the heat dissipation problem is also better solved.

The second is surface mount chip packaging technology. This technology is a new type of LED packaging method, which is a packaging technology that welds an already packaged 7 segment LED display device to a fixed position.

The third type is the chip-on-board direct packaging technology, which is a process in which the chip is directly pasted on the printed circuit board, and then the leads are stitched, and finally the chip and the leads are packaged and protected with organic glue.

The fourth type is system package packaging, which is a technology developed in recent years. It mainly meets the requirements of system portability and system miniaturization. Compared with other LED packages, SIP packages have the highest degree of integration and relatively low cost. Multiple LED chips can be assembled in one package.

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