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Gas meter LCD screen selection

Gas meter LCD screen selection

Mar 13, 2023

With the development of China’s gas industry and the popularity of one meter per household, gas meters have entered refined management, and higher requirements have been placed on the gas meter LCD industry. Gas meter LCDs generally use segment LCD screens. Today I will take you Let's learn about the precautions when selecting the LCD screen of the gas meter


1. Simple operation: the gas meter LCD screen adopts a segment LCD screen, which realizes simple commands to control the display content

2. High and low temperature resistance performance: Since gas meters are generally installed outdoors, the seasonal change temperature is relatively high, so you must choose high and low temperature resistant LCD dot display.

3. Low power consumption: The gas meter LCD screen is generally installed and seldom pays attention to it. Therefore, the main feature of the gas meter LCD screen is that it has a wide operating voltage and low power consumption characteristics to ensure that the gas meter LCD display can be displayed. Normal display

4. High display contrast: The segment LCD screen has high contrast, which can clearly display the content even in the sun

Gas meter LCD is also a simple precision instrument LCD, which has extremely high safety requirements, so you must choose a professional LCD screen manufacturer when selecting a model.

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