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COB display screens are used in the conference room, which model is generally better?

COB display screens are used in the conference room, which model is generally better?

Oct 08, 2022

The cob display is designed for ultra-fine pitch, ultra-high-definition display, ultra-low energy consumption, strong protection, and closer viewing. It is very suitable for indoor use such as meeting rooms, studios, energy centers and other occasions. However, there are many models of cob display screens. Which model should be used for the conference room cog lcd display screen?

What type of cob display is good depends on the viewing distance. It is well known that the dot pitch of the led display screen is directly related to the viewing distance. The larger the dot pitch, the longer the best viewing distance, the poor viewing effect at close range and the poor user experience. The same is true for the cob display, but there is a little difference between the cob display and the led display, that is, the cob display is the first choice for the dot pitch below 1.0mm, and the dot pitch is smaller than the small LED pitch.

The display screen used in the conference room is very close to the viewing distance, and it is common within 1 meter. Therefore, many companies will choose the LCD screen. The LCD module is actually good for the conference room, but if it is a large screen and needs to be spliced, the LCD The shortcomings of the screen are obvious: the seams are too conspicuous.

Therefore, when using large splicing screens in the conference room, the cob display is a very good choice, and models such as 0.62mm, 0.75mm, 0.9375mm, 0.95mm, etc. are all very good choices. These models are viewed at a distance of about 1 meter. , There is almost no graininess, and the display screen is clearer, the color is softer, and it does not hurt the eyes.

There are many models of cob displays, but the dot pitch below 1.0mm is the main area of ​​cob displays, but there are also conventional and differentiated models such as 1.25mm, 1.26mm, 1.56, 1.58mm, 1.87mm, 1.9mm, 2.0mm, etc. , But these cob displays of the same model with the small pitch of LEDs will cost 10-20% higher than the small pitch of LEDs. This is because cob displays are indeed more expensive than LEDs in terms of performance, heat dissipation, light perception, and protection. Small spacing is better.

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