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Analyze the difference between lcd screen and oled screen part two

Analyze the difference between lcd screen and oled screen part two

Mar 17, 2023


Due to the existence of the liquid crystal layer and the backlight layer, it is impossible for the LCD screen to bend significantly, while the OLED screen itself is a solid-state mechanism without liquid substances, so it can be fabricated on substrates of different materials and can be made into a flexible display that can be bent. OLED can be folded almost as easily as origami, and Samsung's curved screen is supported by OLED technology. It should be noted that what we are talking about here is a large bending. The curved screens of the desktop are still LCD. You can find that the degree of bending is not large. OLED can be folded in half like paper. Compared with LCD screens, OLED screens have a wider range of applications.



Contrast refers to the ratio of white to black. The higher the contrast, the darker the color of the picture. Because LCD module has a backlight layer, black is not pure black, so the contrast is difficult to be high. OLED black does not emit light, so you can directly close some pixels in the black area. , which is basically infinitely close to black.


Power consumption

Because the pixels of OLED work independently, the bright is bright, the dark is dark, and the off is off. No matter what color the LCD displays, the backlight is fully turned on, so the LCD is destined to consume power.


Screen brightness

Since the LCD screen adopts the opposite principle, as long as the brightness of the white light of the backlight panel is increased, the screen brightness can be easily increased. However, because the OLED screen emits light by itself, OLED generally adopts the PWM dimming method, which adjusts the brightness by using the visual residue of the human eye to periodically change the brightness and darkness, so it is easy to be disturbed by external light, and it will be disturbed when looking at the mobile phone. very tired.

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