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How to choose a high-brightness LCD screen?

How to choose a high-brightness LCD screen?

Mar 20, 2023

LCD liquid crystal screens are widely used in all walks of life, and can be seen everywhere in life and work. The parameters of the LCD screen used in different environments and occasions are different. For example, the LCD screens we use outdoors require high-brightness, high-contrast LCD screens. So how do we choose a high-brightness LCD screen? Let the LCD screen manufacturers introduce in detail today.

1. The uniformity of the LCD high-brightness LCD screen backlight

Generally, the uniformity of high-brightness screens can be divided into the following three levels: uniformity can reach 65%-75%, uniformity can reach 75%-85%, and uniformity can reach more than 90%-95%. Of course, the price of a good one will be higher.


Second, the brightness of the LCD highlight LCD screen(liquid crystal module)

Generally good LCD high-brightness LCD screens have high brightness, but the picture is soft and does not hurt the eyes. It is not equivalent to the illuminance of the backlight (like the sun, although the light is strong but also dazzling) The brightness value is a color circumference value, which is related to The color saturation, contrast, and backlight brightness of the resulting screen. So looking at a very bright screen does not necessarily reach the brightness value we require, because what the human eye sees is the illuminance, which is affected by the environment, the size of the space, and many other aspects. This can only be measured by the instrument.


Third, the heat dissipation temperature of the LCD high-brightness LCD screen

Temperature is an important parameter for customers to choose a high-brightness LCD screen. A good high-brightness LCD screen has low heat dissipation and low power. The higher the temperature, the faster the light decay of the LED backlight, thereby reducing the service life.


Fourth, the professionalism of the manufacturer

The high-quality high-brightness LCD screen is not only a good choice of light source, but also a poor packaging process. The light source is good, and the LED heat dissipation process is not good, and the light guide process is not good. If it's not good, it won't work, so when customers choose a good high-brightness LCD screen, they must pay attention to whether the manufacturer is professional. Only professional manufacturers can produce qualified products with their heart.

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