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Why industrial LCD screens are more expensive than consumer electronics?

Why industrial LCD screens are more expensive than consumer electronics?

Sep 15, 2022

LCD display panels are often seen in electronic products. Generally, LCD screens are divided into industrial character LCD screens and civilian LCD screens. Most industrial LCD screens are much more expensive than civilian LCD screens. Many people do not understand why, so today There are LCD screen manufacturers to tell you.

Industrial LCD screen is expensive because of its unique advantages and characteristics

1. Brightness: Civil LCD screens are used indoors. Generally, the brightness of 250-300cd/m2 can meet the working requirements. However, most industrial LCD screens are used outdoors and the light is sufficient. Such brightness display conditions are used in industrial LCDs. The screen is far from satisfying;

2. Reliability: Industrial LCD screens are mainly used in industrial automation, medical and military displays. Industrial LCD seven segment display is generally designed with special shock-proof designs. The working temperature of industrial LCD screens is generally -30℃~80℃, with some special requirements. The stability will be wider, which is more reliable in harsh environments than civil LCD screens;

3. Service life: Industrial LCD screens generally require a service life of more than 5W hours for the backlight, and generally the highest for civilian use is about 3W hours. After this time, the backlight will slowly age, and the backlight of industrial LCD screens will be even worse. Long, some can reach 7W hours, 10W hours, and industrial LCD screens can work continuously for 24 hours.

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