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What causes the LCD display flicker?

What causes the LCD display flicker?

Oct 17, 2022

Speaking of LCD display screens, you may first think of products such as mobile phones and tablet computers, but the use of LCD displays and far more than these. They are used in all walks of life as information output devices. As a key component, the quality of the LCD display directly affects the user's direct experience. What should I do if the LCD display screen flickers? What caused it? Today, the editor will give you analysis.

The LCD display refresh rate is incorrect. Many LCD displays require a standard 60 Hz refresh rate, but in fact, many LCD displays can only prevent phase doubt at 75 Hz. But some monitors happen to be the opposite, and users are better to try different settings. But remember, you can only choose between 60 and 75 Hz, and never exceed this limit.

LCD display aging sometimes shows the appearance of vibration due to the age of the display used. In order to check whether the electronic components inside the LCD display screen are aging, you can connect the faulty display to another person's computer for testing. If the fault still disappears, the display is broken and needs to be repaired.

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