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What Are The Disadvantages Of OLED Over LCD Screens?

What Are The Disadvantages Of OLED Over LCD Screens?

Feb 08, 2023

Today's high-end mobile phones or flagship phones have begun to use OLED screens. As an emerging technology in recent years, OLED screens have been popularized on high-end mobile phones in a short period of time. High-end flagship phones from manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, etc., have OLED screens as standard. Moreover, OLED screens have many advantages over traditional LCD screens, such as self-illumination, purer black display, thinner and lighter volume, etc., and OLED screens are more scalable than LCD screens. For example, many mobile phones are now designed with curved screens. , This is to take advantage of the bendable characteristics of the OLED screen, as well as technologies such as under-screen fingerprints and future under-screen cameras, all of which must be completed by the OLED screen.

However, is OLED screen necessarily the future development trend? In fact, it is not. Looking at it now, it is still impossible to assert that OLED screens will replace LCD screens, because although OLED screens have many advantages over LCD, this does not mean that OLED screens are perfect. Compared with LCD screens, OLED screens There are several very serious shortcomings, which is one of the reasons why many mobile phones, such as the iPhone 11, are still using LCD screens. Below, I found an insider to talk about the shortcomings of OLED screens. I feel like I have used my phone for so many years.


1. Eyes will get tired after watching for a long time

Many people will feel very tired after looking at the OLED screen, but this problem will not occur when looking at the LCD screen. This is mainly because the OLED screen uses the PWM dimming method to adjust the brightness at low brightness, that is, the screen of the mobile phone will be in an alternating state of transition between on and off, but this conversion is very disadvantageous, and the human eye is imperceptible. A very simple method is to take another mobile phone to shoot the screen of an OLED screen mobile phone, and there will be a stroboscopic phenomenon. So this will make people's eyes very tired, and of course, it will also help to stop the bad habit of playing with mobile phones at night.

2. Burn-in

After several years of development of OLED screens, the burn-in phenomenon is much less than before, but it still exists. If the OLED screen displays the same content for a long time, the attenuation of sub-pixels between different colors will be different, and afterimages will appear on the screen of the mobile phone, which is the phenomenon of screen burn-in.

3. Fast aging

The OLED screen uses organic materials, and the aging speed is much faster than that of the LCD screen, so the OLED screen is not as durable as the LCD screen, which is also a very fatal reason.

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