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OLED screen and LCD screen which is better part one

OLED screen and LCD screen which is better part one

Feb 13, 2023

Since the new generation of models released by Apple in 2017 adopted OLED screens, as more and more mobile phones began to adopt OLED screens, what is the difference between OLED screens and Character LCD screens in mobile phones? Which screen is OLED screen and LCD screen? Better?

Oled is the abbreviation of Organic Light Emitting Diode, which is a new type of display screen. The biggest feature of OLED is its self-illumination, that is, no background auxiliary light is needed, and the screen will emit light when there is current passing through. Therefore, the OLED display is very thin and energy-saving. The LCD is the liquid crystal display, and it can't be more common in our daily life. For example, TVs, computers, mobile phones and other products, liquid crystal displays occupy a large part of their display screens.


The biggest difference between OLED and LCD is that OLED is a self-luminous display mode, while LCD requires backlighting to assist in display. OLED is thinner than LCD and has a wider viewing angle range. The invention of OLED technology is a more advanced technology after LCD, and it is predicted as the development direction of the future display screen.


Disadvantages of LCD screen

LCD currently has a fatal problem, that is, the liquid crystal layer cannot be completely closed, so if the LCD displays black, some light will pass through the color layer, and the black of the LCD is actually a gray mixed with white and black. While looking at it, it is actually gray with a drastically diminishing brightness, rather than pure black.


The OLED is different. When the OLED displays black, the pixels in the black area can be directly turned off to achieve an almost pure black effect.

In addition, due to the existence of the backlight layer, the LCD display still has a light leakage phenomenon, and the LCD cannot completely avoid the light leakage phenomenon.


Compared with LCD, the advantages of OLED are shown in the following aspects:

(1) OLED can emit light by itself, but LCD cannot. Therefore, OLED is much brighter than LCD. In addition, OLED has greater contrast and richer color effects;

(2) LCD needs the backlight to light up, and OLED only powers on the unit that needs to be lighted, and the voltage is very low, so it is more energy-saving;

(3) OLED requires few materials, simple manufacturing process, and cost savings in mass production by 20% compared with LCD;

(4) OLED has no limitation on the viewing angle range, the viewing angle can generally reach 160 degrees, and the weight is much lighter than LCD;

(5) OLED can also be bent and has a wide range of applications.

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