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LCD liquid crystal display knowledge part six

LCD liquid crystal display knowledge part six

Sep 12, 2023

(4) Advanced "continuous material boundary crystalline silicon" liquid crystal display mode

In some LCD products, there will be a picture delay phenomenon when watching a dynamic movie, which is caused by the insufficient pixel response speed of the entire liquid crystal display screen. In order to improve the pixel response speed, the new technology LCD segment display adopts the most advanced Si TFT liquid crystal display method, which has a pixel response speed 600 times faster than the old LCD screen. The effect is really different. The advanced "continuous material boundary crystalline silicon" technology uses a special manufacturing method to move the original amorphous transparent silicon electrode at a speed of 600 times the normal speed, which greatly accelerates the pixel response speed of the LCD screen. , To reduce the delay phenomenon that appears on the screen.

Now, the research of low-temperature polysilicon technology and reflective liquid crystal materials has entered the application stage, which will also bring the development of LCD into a new era. While liquid crystal displays continue to develop, other flat panel displays are also in progress. Plasma display (PDP), electroluminescence array display (FED) and light-emitting polymer display (LEP) technologies will set off the Sina of flat panel displays in the future. tide. Among them, the most noteworthy and promising is the field-induced display, which has many better performance than liquid crystal displays... However, it can be concluded that LCD display technology has entered a new era. As another new force in display products, they will likely replace CRT displays.

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