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Development and application of TFT HMI serial port display solution part four

Development and application of TFT HMI serial port display solution part four

May 14, 2024

Regarding the supporting application software of the serial port screen:


Each manufacturer has different supporting software. The software can realize various complex functions and is simple and convenient to operate. Some manufacturers are equipped with a serial screen emulator (virtual serial screen), which can directly evaluate the functions of the physical screen through the software and improve Improve production and development efficiency and save production costs.


Through the supporting configuration software, it has all the controls required for interface design. The user's microcontroller can complete the interface design by just writing a little code, truly embodying "zero code".


With the rapid development of the smart home industry, the serial screen industry has been recognized by the majority of electrical appliance manufacturers and users due to its advantages of low cost and high performance.

For example, the following common products:

Smart home appliances: smart home, home water purifier, smart toilet, massage chair, microwave oven, coffee machine, towel dryer, range hood, air purifier, water heater, fascia gun, home energy storage equipment, etc..

Commercial equipment: digital amplifier all-in-one, temperature controller, smart attendance machine, money counting machine, commercial oven, vending machine, 3D printer, etc.

Energy storage equipment: mobile power supply, smart power swap cabinet, new energy charging pile, etc.

Medical beauty equipment: electronic bedside cards, infusion pumps, beauty instruments, etc.

Industrial equipment: PCS energy storage converters, welding machines, air detectors, industrial instruments, automotive instruments, small electric vehicle instruments, etc.

Lighting equipment: photography lights, emergency lighting, light controllers, etc.

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