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Application of high-power COB light source

Application of high-power COB light source

Feb 03, 2023

Introduction to COB light source

COB light source is a high-efficiency integrated surface light source technology that directly attaches LED chips to a mirror metal substrate with high reflectivity. This technology eliminates the concept of brackets, no electroplating, no reflow soldering, and no mounting processes, so the process is reduced by nearly three points For one, the cost has also been saved by a third.

The COB light source can be simply understood as a high-power integrated surface light source, and the light emitting area and shape size of the light source can be designed according to the shape and structure of the product.

Application of high-power cob light source

Characteristics of cob light source

Cheap and convenient

Electrical stability, scientific and reasonable circuit design, optical design, and heat dissipation design;

The use of heat sink technology ensures that the LED has an industry-leading thermal lumen maintenance rate (95%).

It is convenient for the secondary optical matching of the product and improves the lighting quality.

High color rendering, uniform luminescence, no spot, healthy and environmentally friendly.

The installation is simple and easy to use, which reduces the difficulty of lamp design and saves the cost of lamp processing and subsequent maintenance.

Application of high-power cob light source

Manufacturing process of cob light source

The COB chip (ChipOnBoard, COB) process is first to cover the silicon wafer placement point with a thermally conductive epoxy resin (usually epoxy resin doped with silver particles) on the surface of the substrate, and then place the silicon wafer directly on the surface of the substrate and heat it to The silicon chip is firmly fixed to the substrate, and then the electrical connection is directly established between the silicon chip and the substrate by wire bonding.

Advantages and disadvantages of high-power cob light source


Compared with discrete LED devices, COB light source modules can save custom LED display module primary packaging costs, light engine module manufacturing costs, and secondary light distribution costs in applications. In the lighting system with the same function, the actual calculation can reduce the cost of the light source by about 30%, which is of great significance for the application and promotion of semiconductor lighting. In terms of performance, through reasonable design and micro-lens molding, the COB light source module can effectively avoid the disadvantages of discrete light source device combinations such as spot light and glare; it can also add an appropriate red chip combination to significantly reduce the efficiency of the light source. Under the premise of longevity, it can effectively improve the color rendering of the light source. In application, the COB light source module can make the installation and production of the lighting factory easier and more convenient, and effectively reduce the application cost. In production, the existing process technology and equipment can fully support the large-scale manufacturing of high-yield COB light source modules. With the expansion of the LED lighting market, the demand for lamps is growing rapidly. We can gradually form a series of mainstream COB light source modules according to the needs of different lamp applications for mass production.


COB LEDs require the use of more materials in the manufacturing, such as phosphors and silica gel, and there is no advantage in cost. In addition, the serial-parallel mode of COB LEDs has been fixed before leaving the factory. Unlike single high-power LEDs, the number and color can be freely matched, and the color temperature and electrical parameters can be adjusted.

Application of high-power cob light source

Application of high-power cob light source

The LED planar light source (COB planar light source) is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the multi-core is integrated and packaged on an aluminum substrate or a ceramic substrate. Its low thermal resistance, good heat dissipation effect, low cost, simple and convenient installation, uniform light and no light spots, etc., are favored by home and commercial decorative lighting.

Mainly used in clothing spotlights, counter lighting, jewelry lighting, medical instrument lighting, home decoration lighting, etc., which require soft and enjoyable light sources. LED side light source module, LED injection module, LED backlight module, LED waterproof module, LED non-proof module and LED module.

Application sites: shopping malls, interiors, clothing, cabinets, living rooms, aisles, hotels, bedrooms, kitchens, etc.

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