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Analyze the difference between lcd screen and oled screen

Analyze the difference between lcd screen and oled screen

Mar 02, 2023

The screen is an important part of the display module, just like a human face, presenting visual images to users through the fineness and resolution of colors. At present, the mainstream materials of the screens used in mobile phones are the traditional LCD screens with mature technology and the OLED screens that adopt the latest technology and are popularized in the mobile phone industry. So what is the difference between these two screens?



The light-emitting principle of LCD mainly relies on the backlight layer. This part is usually composed of a large number of LED backlights. It only has one function, that is to display white light, but white light cannot form an image, so a layer of color is added to the white backlight layer. After the white backlight penetrates the colored film, it can display color, but the ratio of red, green and blue needs to be adjusted. The light cannot be directly shot through the red, green and blue, but through the liquid crystal layer, changing its The size of the voltage of the two poles controls the arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules, so that the large opening and closing will emit more light, and the small opening and closing will emit less light, so as to control the amount of white light, so that the red, green and blue can be adjusted. match.


OLED does not need a backlight layer like an character LCD screen, nor a liquid crystal layer that controls the amount of light. OLED can emit light by itself, so OLED is like a screen with a combination of countless small colored light bulbs.


thin and thick

The LCD screen is composed of a backlight layer and a liquid crystal layer, which makes the thickness

OLED is much thicker. OLED screens can be less than 1mm thick and are also lighter. In this regard, OLED will be lighter than LCD, and the display module will feel more textured.

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